Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Kindle Will Be Kindling In A Few Short Months

Tom over at The Small Wave says:

I wanted something analogous to an “iPod for books.” The idea that I could buy books and store hundreds on one device is great. Going on a trip? Don’t worry about what book to bring; grab the device and go. Waiting at the Dr.’s office? Don’t read that six-month old magazine; you have everything with you. The idea of a portable reader is a good one to me.

Unfortunately, the Kindle is so badly implemented I’m not sure I can say anything good about it. Amazon’s mistakes (along with the obvious stupidity and paranoia of the publishers) is apparent everywhere.

Read his full commentary here

---------- FIX YOUR THINKING COMMENTARY ----------

If the patent industry has an antichrist - it is Jeff Bezos. This is the silliest thing since ... [insert failed product here].

A revolutionary idea would have been a free subscription EVDO iPod attachment that allows eBook delivery. This is forcing a cumbersome 80's looking device on people that no one wants.

When pitching an invention of my own I got one comment from a very well known company in the Mac Space:

"Looks like you have a solution to a problem no one has" - I think that statement applies to the Kindle.

Does any one have difficulty getting books? With Amazon and eBay for the people with no book stores near them? What about us city folk - do you not enjoy going to the book store? Do you not love showing off a book collection? Do you not enjoy letting friends borrow books? (Something you can't do with Kindle)

I would call this device Kindling - it will be in the fire in less than 1 year. Bezos will pour (and lose) millions first though.

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