Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I knew you guys would try to mess it up ... you always do!!

As reported by MacRumors

The Wall Street Journal reports that Vodafone has succesfully won a temporary injunction against Deutsch Telekom from selling the iPhone tied to their network and with a 2 year contract.

The court has temporarily prohibited T-Mobile Deutschland GmbH from continuing to sell the iPhone only in combination with a two-year service contract. The court also demanded that the product be allowed to function on other cellphone networks, and not just T-Mobile's.

The injunction reportedly stands until another hearing in Hamburg in two weeks. Vodafone reportedly took action only in Germany due to local laws favoring the ruling and does not plan to seek a similar suit in the U.K.

Here's where I had predicted this.

Please don't mess it up!

VodaPhone US or VodaPhone UK ARE the same company ... It's really lame that a competitor loses and then resorts to suing it's competitors in a "whiney legal battle" like this.

Just so you can note: This is one reason Apple never releases things worldwide and why it takes so long to release Apple products internationally. There are so many restrictions that it's next to impossible for Apple to predict the legal cost impact.

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Anonymous said...

Yep, you called it.

T-Mobile's reaction is interesting, to say the least. They're basically saying FU and selling it anyway. Odd, that.