Friday, November 02, 2007

How to tell if a web site sucks, a flowchart

A comical flowchart for those of you who can't figure out when a website sucks. This site scored "fanboy site".

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Anonymous said...

This entry seems to be missing the chart.

Anonymous said...

In my view, Fanboy Site is the best score of the bunch. That last question about someone "semi-cool" linking to it in order to christen it the "real deal" made me want to puke.

Nothing like letting about six people decide what's cool for you, guys. Oh well, I guess it saves their brain from all that tedious thinking.

FYT said...

Tom, I agree and the post was actually written like sycophant to try and get Gruber's attention to link to it - ie "cool person linking to website"

I would never say I'm a fanboy here. I say a lot of good things about Apple here, but I think as a fanboy I would have had to think the $200 iPhone price drop was perfect and not said a word negative about it. I also suppose I would have never published, "The 5 Things Steve Jobs Has Misled Us About In The Last 25 Years!"