Monday, November 26, 2007

Apple Secretly Tracking iPhone IMEI & Usage / But Not Really

Hidden in the code of the “Stocks” and “Weather” widgets is a string that sends the IMEI of your phone to a specialized URL that Apple collects. Time to put on the tinfoil hats.

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German site Heise Online has tested Hackint0sh user XianLi's claims about the iPhone sending its IMEI to Apple while accessing the web. According to Heise and other sources, this is not true:

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---------- FIX YOUR THINKING COMMENTARY ----------

Yet another instance where a retarded "I need attention" dweeb completely fabricated a story to get hits on his website. Like I've said before ... I could easily make up a story that would bring blogger (Google blogs) to it's knees I'd get so many hits. (Although this site held up very well under pressure when my court ruling hit 3 weeks ago)

I wanted to report this when it first came out but I wanted to see it verified by other websites first. I had a strange feeling about this story ... so I waited ... glad I did.

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