Thursday, November 01, 2007


I hope some of you like what changes to my blog you'll start to see by the end of the year.

I really like the clustermaps or what I call "Where in the world are my readers" widgets ... but two things.

1) They don't render on iPhones because they are flash based

2) I really noticed how inaccurate it was yesterday. My ClusterMap indicated I had 3726 visitors for the month of October (including yesterday). I had an article slashdotted yesterday. In actuality I had 162,416 unique IPs on this site yesterday and a total of 416,123 hits. October will go down as my second highest hit total month and it made me sigh to see my clustermap not patting me on the back.

I've cancelled my MYspace account. Essentially I've found only 8 of my high school classmates even have profiles there. I also need to refocus my priorities and I'd rather concentrate all of my web efforts for here and on eBay. Two other reasons for the cancellation; my girlfriend's daughter made it pretty clear that mostly only weirder adults trying to relive their childhood have MYspace profiles. And ... the majority of my time spent on MYspace was deleting fake friend requests and comments from spammers and pornmongerers.

A couple of you have inquired about the whereabouts of your prizes for the contest held last month. I had an issue contacting a few of you and have finally waited 30 days for everyone to contact me or give up. I also had a small issue with the printing of the T-Shirts. I have some really good news regarding T-Shirts soon. As for the prizes ... I promise I'm mailing them out MONDAY November the 5th. So remember remember the fifth of November. (Bonus points if you know what movie that's from)

Finally ... I'm going to be VERY active posting on this website next week so reload often. I also want to encourage any one starting to Christmas shop to look at my links at the right side of your screen while on this website. I personally use or like every single thing I advertise there. Feel free to ask me anything specific about the products or movies you see there.


Anonymous said...

I think your map has updated - it seemed to have developed a really bad rash when I viewed it just now.
(Seems to have no been removed?)

Anonymous said...

Don't know the movie, but I've heard that line before. I do know that all the major events in Back To The Future take place on November 5.

FYT said...

Wow ... you know you're right ... I had forgotten that detail of one of my most favorite movies.

It's a recent movie that I'm talking about.

FYT said...

It still didn't represent close to 200,000 hits ... I really like the widget ... it's a new concept so maybe I will bring it back when it's ready for prime time.

Paul Douglas said...

I don't know the movie, but I do know that that phrase is used to remind us Brits of the date of Guy Fawkes night - which is basically an excuse to use fireworks on the pretense of remembering an unsuccessful plot to kill the King and his parliament.

FYT said...

JensonB ...

You win the bonus points.

It is from V for Vendetta

V dressed up like Guy Fawkes

Paul Douglas said...

Hmm, I really should see that movie.