Monday, October 01, 2007

What ever happened to the "Follow The White Laptop" Charity auction

As some of you may remember a URL popped up over a year ago to start a white MacBook around the world to be signed by celebrities in the Mac World. The concept of the charity benefit seemed interesting ... but it seems that A) not many people have signed it and B) Not many people care to sign it.

The website, which has been on hold since April 2007, stated that an auction for the laptop would happen sometime in the Summer of 2007. The site now says that the proceeds will go to the "One Laptop Per Child Program" which distributes these laptops [below] NOT Apple laptops - so the charity doesn't make much sense now. Only two people have signed the laptop so far as I can tell. The original goal was 50 or more famous signatures.

* I've sent several emails to the site requesting updates over the last two weeks with no reply.

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