Thursday, October 11, 2007

On top of this being a slow news week I have been very busy with a number of projects ...

* I'll post PART 2 of "Written Up, But Not Kept Down" very soon.

* I have two news pieces I've been working on for more than 3 months now that I also plan to post ... getting the full story on these two stories has been a little difficult.

* With a lengthy legal matter coming to a close I have suddenly been deluged with calls from lawyers wanting to represent me in a lawsuit against a Plaintiff that has been harassing me for almost two years now. The court is pretty much certifying that I have been harassed and mistreated by the Plaintiff. Here's a small blurb from a judge's ruling:

"This court finds several of the plaintiff's requests are irrelevant, vague, overly broad, and unduly burdensome"

"Two of the discovery requests appear to have been made for no other purpose than to antagonize and embarrass the defendant"

* Along those same lines ( ... Tom I'm name dropping again) I have been contacted by US News & World Report for an interview about this legal matter and how bloggers are being battered by big business and blogger's rights are being eroded simply because the blogger can't afford a legal defense. In my case, I've been Pro Se (representing myself) and I will hopefully win a key battle for bloggers.

* With YouTube going to a monetized / revenue sharing model I'm working on my first video upload which I think could generate me some good Google ad revenue. It's a secret ... but Fix Your Thinking Readers will get to see it first.

* I'm just now getting the T-Shirts in to send all the winners of the contest I held last month for readers. Thanks to everyone for being patient.

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