Monday, October 01, 2007

Nokia unlocks anti-Apple campaign

* Photo courtesy of MacRumors

These posters were photographed in New York city over the weekend by a MacRumors forum member. While I don't agree with the message - it's interesting Nokia thinks Apple's 1% is a threat to it's 48% market share.

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I am a lover of children's literature said...

I saw this reported on today, along with a link from both you and The Small Wave.

It is indeed interesting that Nokia would do this campaign. It shows that what ever their public face is indicating, backstage, deep from within bowels of Nokia itself, it is very, very worried over Apple and the iPhone. And indeed it should be.

No one spends big bucks for a campaign for nothing. And, of course, its not for nothing. Nokia knows damn well that they have everything to fear while Apple, on the other hand, has every thing to gain!

I almost did a post on this very same campaign, but instead, wrote a different piece called, "Now thats Funny!"

Anonymous said...

Working in the world of advertising - one of the unwritten rules is that you never ackowledge competitors who customers perceive to be smaller in stature than your own company.

A good example of this is Coca Cola which never mentions Pepsi, however Pepsi being the less established company is always mentioning Coke.

It seems that Nokia has broken all of these rules and by doing so is actually implying that Apple is the more dominant company?