Friday, October 05, 2007

Mac Marketshare at Universities Booming

The DailyPrincetonian reports on a growing trend amongst at least some universities. The Princeton University newspaper reports that Princeton's Mac marketshare has been rising dramatically, with 40 percent of students and faculty currently using a Mac as their personal computer.

A report last week indicated that Macs have gained a full 1.5% MORE in marketshare totaling 6.7%.

I have to say from personal experience that each year for the last 7 years I have sold close to 75 Macs a year with roughly 50 of those coming in the month of August when we have our tax free holiday. This year I have sold 216 Macs with 105 coming during our last tax free holiday in early August. I have had a huge increase in interest, service calls, and overall sales in the past year. (Mostly since January of 2007)

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