Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Let's hope AT&T sticks to what the meaning of "UNLIMITED" is

As reported by ENgadget:

... For those still jaded from being cut off for "excessive use" earlier this year, justice has finally been served. [Verizon] has recently agreed to "reimburse the terminated subscribers for the cost of the laptop cards or laptop-connected cellphones" they purchased in order to surf the mobile broadband highway, and moreover, it'll be shelling out $150,000 in "penalties and costs" to New York state. Of course, [Verizon] now makes clear that BroadbandAccess customers can be snubbed if they continuously stream audio / video content, enable P2P sharing or exceed 5GB of data usage per month, but it sounds like reimbursement is on the way for those disconnected when terms were more ambiguous.


Wow! I hope AT&T never gets this bug ... my bill indicates I used nearly 8GB last month and 3.8GB the month prior. I have pretty much stopped taking my laptop most places and I'm using my iPhone almost exclusively to check my email, post in the comments on this website, take notes, use for directions, use for my music, etc etc.

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I am a lover of children's literature said...

I hope so too. Up and till now there is no such thing or plan here in Canada.

I just posted a rumor of the iPhone coming here in January, but for the ridiculous sum of $800 CDN! Imagine that if there was no unlimited data plan on top of this? I shudder to even think of the possibility!

Apple insists on unlimited data plans, so I hope that is the case here. Otherwise, one would either need to be an idiot or extremely wealthy to purchase an iPhone here under that above scenario.