Friday, October 05, 2007

Lawsuit updates (updated)

I've been slack on keeping up with Apple lawsuits lately. There's been quite a few. The Fix Your Thinking Reference section for Apple lawsuits is being updated as well ...

Suit claims Nike, Apple stole idea for Nike+ iPod Sport Kit

A little-known athletic company from Utah has filed a lawsuit that names both Nike and Apple, claiming that Nike knowingly stole its decade-old idea for the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit.

Notes: Note that there is no patent involved here. A company is just claiming it was their idea because of an integrated shoe pedometer.

Apple, Jobs, AT&T sued over iPhone price cut, rebates

Apple Inc., along with its chief executive and exclusive U.S. iPhone wireless partner AT&T, have been hit with a new lawsuit from a disgruntled customer who charges the trio with a variety of offenses stemming from the recent iPhone price cut.

Notes: Note that this woman wants $1 million from the $200 price cut due to "irreparable emotional harm" - that's her whole case.

Shareholder wins judge order to see Apple options records

A California judge ordered Apple Inc. to turn over board meeting minutes and historical records relating to the company's stock options accounting to an investor.

Notes: This sounds awfully fishy to me. This sounds like someone who's trying to find something to frame Apple. Why as an investor would you waste your own company's time & money? This information WILL come out.

Inmate's suit claims O.J. Simpson is "hitman" for Steve Jobs

Notes: If you are an inmate in South Carolina there's a frivolous lawsuit loophole. It was enacted to assist death row inmates. This guy may end closing this loophole as he files a new ridiculous suit like this every other month.

Apple Sued Over iPhone Bricking

California resident Timothy Smith sued Apple in a class-action case in Santa Clara County Superior court. The suit was filed by Damian Fernandez, a lawyer who's been soliciting plaintiffs since the 1.1.1 update for a case against Apple. The legal action seeks an injunction against Apple, which prevents it from selling the iPhone locked to AT&T. It also asks that Apple be enjoined from denying warranty service to users of unlocked iPhone, and from requiring iPhone users to get their phone service through AT&T.

Notes: I have always had AT&T ( formerly Cingular, formerly BellSouth Mobility) so it wasn't a problem for me ... but I don't like the fact that the iPhone is only on one network. There are more than just "AT&T had the best deal" reasons that Apple chose them.

• AT&T has the most subscribers
• AT&T's GSM technology is used internationally
• AT&T's network (because of the SIM card) is more secure
• AT&T has the most cash on hand for advertising/infrastructure build/deployment
• AT&T has more store locations than Verizon
• And obviously AT&T had an easier management to work with than Verizon



I am a lover of children's literature said...

Wow, can anybody keep up with all of the lawsuits aimed at Apple by 'Greedy' oportunists these days?

I'm not sure about this, but I sure wouldn't mind having a buck or two for every stupid lawsuit that seems to come Apple way these days. The more successful it becomes, the more people try to make a quick buck. God only knows that if I did, get a buck or two for each suit, I'd might become rich myself; who knows?

FYT said...

So far this year if you had a dollar for each legal action you'd have $215 dollars. If you had $1 for each suit that went to trial - $30

FYT said...

Oh and for each trial that Apple lost or settled in 2007 - $0

Paul Douglas said...

Regarding the price cut suit, out of interest, can Jobs actually be sued for the actions of Apple as a whole given that as an incorporated company, Apple is its own legal entity? Doesn't sound too plausible.

FYT said...

JensonB ... I think the suit alleges that because Jobs made the "blog" (or open letter if you want to call it that) entry on the Apple website ... that he is directly responsible for her punitive emotional duress - because of his publicly acknowledging a misdeed by Apple he contributed directly to her "pain" = absurd