Monday, October 01, 2007

It's the most "Thinking Differentedness" Cell Phone Out There

From The Small Wave blog:

[TechCrunch posts] another post railing against not allowing unlocking or third-party apps apps on the iPhone. Yet, not only does the iPhone break many rules when it comes to the phone companies, Apple's decision to not allow third-party apps also goes against the grain. After all, third-party apps are touted all the time for Windows Mobile, Palm, etc.

Let’s look at a few ways the iPhone broke the rules:

•Activate the phone at home.

•Easily sync contacts, calendars, pictures, media, music, videos, and other stuff easily using Mac or PC.

•Uses WiFi and EDGE, automatically switches to WiFi when available.

•Affordable plans that all include unlimited data.

•Already been updated with new features twice, and obviously there are more coming.

And there are plenty more in just the software alone. My point is that the above, along with their differing views on third-party apps, are enough to make it clear Apple does not think like the phone companies.

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