Thursday, October 25, 2007

Invisible holes???

FLIKr page showing the new laser cut holes on Apple's aluminum bluetooth wireless keyboard

Ever wonder how the power LED shows through the aluminum of Apple's new wireless keyboard when it's on, but blends into the metal when it's off? Here's how.

This design feature caught my eye as soon as I powered the keyboard up, so I brought it into work the next day and took a picture at 40X magnification using the scope in our lab. A small patter of what must be laser cut holes allows the light from the LED to shine through, but hides it from view when it's turned off.

---------- FIX YOUR THINKING COMMENTARY ----------

I love my Apple Bluetooth wireless keyboard. It takes up next to zero foot print and is perfectly designed for my "hunt and peck" typing style. (I still average 45 wpm) It also has the added benefit of waking my computer up faster for bluetooth than DiNovo bluetooth or Microsoft bluetooth keyboards do

* Link credit Daring Fireball


Paul Douglas said...

I was wondering how what worked myself. It's extremely cool. Very impressive.

I too am impressed with Apple's new keyboards - I just bought the wired one. It lacks the invisible LED, but it retains the small footprint - it's the smallest full size keyboard I've ever encountered.

Interestingly, I am also a hunt and pecker and I too am typing much faster with this keyboard.

I outlined my feelings on the board here:

Randall said...

The invisible hole trick showed up first (I believe) on the C2D MDP's
I've thought for a while now that it would be way cool if Apple did this on the keyboard and/or for indicators around the keyboard. Clean aluminum with lights inside.