Wednesday, October 17, 2007

An interesting question regarding the impossible

I got this question on my USB to Ethernet adapter auction on eBay:

Question: Hi there... hoping you can help me! My friend knocked her imac g4 off a table and the usb ports broke off. I sent the board in to laptop rescuer who soldered them back on but alas they still do not work! So, am at a loss. Hoping perhaps to find ethernet to usb support? or firewire to usb? any thoughts? thanks

Answer: Sorry ... there is no such thing as an ethernet / USB bridge. The only thing you could do is use the unit as a netbooted Mac at this point. You could control it through a network ... that's all.


Unknown said...

This is not an difficult job for the real component level computer repairs. You can contact Laptop Rescuer again and find out why your computer is not fixable. I am sure they can fix it. I sent my HP DV9000 with bad PCMCIA, USB, Firewire ports to Laptop Rescuer. They fixed my computer and return it back to me in 3 days. The computer works like a champ.

FYT said...

It's expensive though