Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I don't see this connection ...

From The Rainer Brockerhoff forums:

What was, to me, unexpected was the reaction of some sectors of the press and of some users - mostly the same people who opposed the iPhone price cut, it seems.

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I don't see any connection. Of course there will always be people who complain about everything that have something in common with their last complaint.

In my case; I felt cheated for being loyal to Apple and telling dozens of my customers to buy an iPhone immediately (which they did). In the case of unlocking the iPhone, all those that unlocked showed a great disrespect for Apple and disregarded the multitude of warnings. I don't see any connection between unlocking the iPhone and wanting money back. In both cases, I think Apple has handled each perfectly.

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Anonymous said...

I don't see it, either.

Anyone could relate to a $200 difference in price, but only tech folks (or tech wanna-bes) care about third-party apps.

This whole thing has gained a life of its own. It's amazing how fast a knee-jerk reaction can spread. Heck, today even Mac Daily News linked to that stupid YouTube video.

I wish developers spent half as much time writing apps as they did on this childish campaign. We'd have KILLER applications by now.