Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Finally ...

Well after 3 months loading between 50 and 200 album's artwork a day ... I finally finished. All of my songs, quotes, tv themes, and obscure live recordings finally are done. It took a whole month longer than I predicted! Whew!!! 26,714 songs all pretty. All 1800 audio files on my iPhone have pretty pictures now.


Me, Myself & I said...

Hey Philip, have you notice that the 'amung us' maps don't seem to be updating?

I have three different map widgets (but then again.. I'm crazy!) and they are showing new visitors. As we speak, for example, there is some one in Unionville, NJ showing up on my animated map, as others, but the 'amung us' shows nothing. It used to, but for some reasons its not?

Just curious if you noticed?

FYT said...

Yes I have noticed and I've tried resetting it several times. It still looks cool, but if I can find a better one I'm going to go with it.

Anonymous said...

1800 songs? I do have one TV show taking .5 GB, but otherwise can only squeeze around 730 songs on my 8GB iPhone.

I use pretty high quality file encoding, though, so that's the choice I made.

As for album art, I completed that project right after cover flow was introduced. Love it.

FYT said...

Most of my songs are encoded at 128 and have been in my possession as MP3s for more than 10 years.

I'm not an audiophile, I am more visual. I'd actually like to see visualisations on the iPhone - battery life be damned. I think it would cool for some the video out dock/chargers to be able to output the visuals to a TV set.

Anonymous said...

After I got my first iPod (a mini, as a bonus from work), and realized I'd like to use it for ALL my listening, I needed better quality.

I underwent a MAJOR project to take all my rated songs and re-rip them at higher quality (at that time 192K VBR, similar to what eMusic offers now). At home, where I used a dedicated headphone amp fed my the iPod's line output and connected to some excellent headphones, the difference is very noticeable on some types of music (certainly not all).

Now, with an 80GB iPod and plenty of computer space, I've begun ripping my own stuff at 320K AAC (the highest lossy you can get).

You have a ton more music than I do. I have just over 7,000 songs in iTunes, and maybe 250 albums on CD, vinyl or tape not in my computer, but that's about it.

I buy like crazy anymore, though. My collection is expanding rapidly.

Anonymous said...

OK, so now you got me all curious about the quality of my files. I started with 128K like everybody else, than as more drive space was available would move up to better quality for all my ripping.

For purchased music, of course, you get what you get. EMusic is advertised as 192K but since it's VBR it registers as higher or lower than that depending on the song. I broke out my stats as follows:

1,809 songs at 128K
1,955 songs between 129 and 191K
1,645 songs between 192 and 319K
1,545 songs at 320K.

Except for a very few iTunes albums, most the songs at 128K are those I don't listen to as much and didn't bother to re-rip, though I may do so at some point. The iTunes albums I've upgraded to 256K as the option has become available.

Anonymous said...

I did suggest

FYT said...

Roget I switched just now ... I don't like them as much but just hasn't been working well so I'll leave it for now. Thanks for the suggestion.