Monday, October 01, 2007

A brief note about MMS on the iPhone

Lack of MMS (Multimedia Messaging) is an AT&T limitation imposed on the iPhone that is on MANY other higher end cell phones from AT&T. You can still send & receive MMS messages - you do know that correct?

• To receive: You are sent a URL (on your iPhone) where you can type in a password & retrieve the message (on your home computer)

• To send: Use your computer to send to any cell phone (including the iPhone)

There is NO IMPORTANT message that would be sent to me via MMS. If you can't say it in text or via photo email ... I'd rather view it at home or in person anyway.


Anonymous said...

It is important for people to know that lack of MMS is not an Apple weakness as some critics would like to believe.

That said, MMS is a very popular service used by many people. Trying to discredit it by saying that you personally would not use it doesn't make it any less popular or useful. It is a negative for Apple that AT&T does not offer this service no matter what kind of spin you put on it.

Additionally, sending "MMS" via URL addresses and the like is not at all the same and most people would not take the extra step to go to their computer to view it.

People do not function by logic alone; they are often impulsive and spur-of-the-moment and that is why MMS and text messaging are so popular. Again, it is a significant negative for Apple that the iPhone cannot use this service.

FYT said...

MMS is not an essential communication tool. It's not a matter of personal preference really. What important or even interesting information can YOU PERSONALLY send MMS buzmania? Have you ever sent an MMS?

Anonymous said...

Interesting; I guess that whole "picture is worth a thousand words" concept that's been a basis of communication for the past several centuries doesn't fly too high in iPhoneLand.

Try emailing someone about their opinion of something that you've seen and want their opinion on vs. sending them a picture.

Finally, imagine this blog without pictures. Starting to get the "picture"?

FYT said...

this response to your post is being made from my iPhone - where did you post YOUR response from? The point of MMS is moot when I have email. A good number of phones that can send MMS messages can send email too.