Monday, October 29, 2007

Apple Limiting iPhone Sales to Two Per Person. Credit Only. NO Cash or Gift Cards!

Apple placed new limits on iPhone sales in an effort to limit unlocking/resale of the iPhone.

Apple is no longer accepting cash for iPhone purchases & now limits sale of the cell phone to two per person. The policy was enacted on Thursday according to an Apple spokesperson. Apple is also not accepting Apple gift cards.

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Michiel van der Ros said...

Hi, I hope you read comments?
Anyway, what I've been trying to find out, is whether they can and will use credit card information to charge people who didn't activate their iPhone money, on behalf of AT&T.
And would it be legal if they did?

FYT said...

No ... activation is not required by an Apple Store purchase But is required by an AT&T store purchase ... If you could elaborate maybe I could help

Michiel van der Ros said...

That already helps, thanks. It just seemed that not allowing cash means they want to know who you are, so they can find you and charge for the two year contract. Also because I read somewhere about costs involved when not taking the contract. That might have ha something to do with activated phones though.