Monday, October 08, 2007

Alltel to charge ALL of $22.00 to access wifi hotspots that you can already access

With my iPhone using wifi I don't have to carry my laptop to as many places. I'm finding myself accessing more wifi hotspots nowadays.

Alltell announced today:

Based on a new section of Alltel's website, is getting into WiFi. Apparently, Alltel customers can sign up for a variety of WiFi plans that will enable them to surf the internet via their 802.11b/g-equipped laptop whenever they're near one of the "thousands of convenient hotspot locations." Among them; Barnes & Noble, Avis, Embassy Suites, Hilton Hotels, Holiday Inn Hotels, Marriot Hotels, Tully's Coffee and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

The rate plan for unlimited access to the "North and South American WiFi network" is $21.99 per month so long as you have any voice or data plan already,

AT&T has a similar plan in place.

A couple notes:

1) You can already get the wifi at the hotels mentioned. Just walk in, go to the front desk and ask what the password is.

2) Contrary to #1 MOST HOTELS will not allow loitering in the parking lots. I wonder if they are changing this. I've been in a hotel parking lot before on my laptop and was told if I was not a guest at the hotel I had to leave.

3) Wouldn't most places with hotels also have an Atlanta Bread or Panera Bread nearby?

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