Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Traffic Map

If you haven't noticed, I have a new graphical blog traffic map in the right sidebar. It's really neat. This is what it looked like last night:

This represents 280 simultaneous visitors to this site. WOW!

You can get a map like this for your blog by going to http://maps.amung.us


I am a lover of children's literature said...

I seen your map widget and added one to my own little blog a week or so ago, but now, the trick is to get people to visit it and fill it up.

Hmmmm, If I had to live on a dollar for each visit listed on my map I'm going to starve to death soon! But then again, my blog is only a practice blog. Someday, maybe, when I get the time to really think about what I'm doing and and have the time edit it, I will get serious and do a real one?

In the meantime, I always have FiXYOURTHINKING and Tom's Reston's, The Small Wave to read and learn from.

Thanks for your blog... its must 'blog' reading for me.

Anonymous said...

I was on one day and the only other person was flagged up as being in Cupertino!!!
Mr Jobs maybe?....

It's a neat little widget - the idea is similar to the Frappr map from Google http://www.frappr.com/ though no need for your readers to actually register.

So you can actually claim to being read all around the world.

FYT said...

Roget ... the FAQ @ amung.us says that sometimes the "current" reader may not be able to see their selves ... sometimes I see me and sometimes I don't. I always see my best friend on if he's on across town. I can also see my girl friend online in a nearby town.

I am a lover of children's literature said...

http://www.pollhost.com, offers a widget that I would love to see used here on Fixyourthinking, and later on, maybe on my own blog, but I really don't have the traffic to warrant it, not quite yet anyway, even though my blog is slowly beginning to grow.

Pollhost allows blogs and other web sites to include 'instant polls' and works great. I discovered it, by accident, being used on another blog. You create the questions and your readers simply enter their choice. Professional looking and a lot of fun!

Hope to see it here someday, and a little later on my own.

An example taken from a blogger.com blog:

Anonymous said...

The title is a bit misleading - "Current FYT readers" - the map just seems to be a cumulative one....

At this rate the USA is going to sink under the weight of all those red dots....

FYT said...

Roget ... I think the map is currently not working and just showing my weekly peak.

It's not cumulative ... the widget is just pretty popular and pretty new ... I think the server is not responding so the amung.us team is posting cumulative

FYT said...

Roget ... I decided to change it until it's running properly.

There are two modes. Popularity & Normal ... right now the mode default is "Popularity" due to the increased traffic this widget is getting ... a coupla days ago it was on DIGG. I've actually gotten a number of hits from people apparently looking to see it in action on my site.

I don't know what else to attribute a huge surge in my traffic to this site to.

Anonymous said...

"I don't know what else to attribute a huge surge in my traffic to this site to."

Well it's not the free beer and pizza!!! ;o)

I happened to come across a similar graphic on another blog -


Similar idea - not sure if it is more 'efficient'....

I am a lover of children's literature said...

I really like this widget, but I have also found two more interesting blog widgets.

One is clustermaps.com which is basically the same as 'amongus maps' but gives you more detail when you click onto it. It also has even more analytic tools, but for a small price.

The second widget seems to be working for me. It is from 'blogrush' which can be found at:


This widget will drive visitors to your blog by advertising it on other blogs of a similar nature or theme. As you can see from my amongus map widget, I pretty much doubled my visitors on among us maps!)

If you look at my 'blogrush widget' (I have 3 running) you will notice that it contains many other blogs similar to mine. Every time someone clicks on one of the advertised blogs, they go there, and I (or you) will get credit. These credits will get your blog advertised more frequently on thousands of other blogs, the more credits you earn.

However, just don't click any advertised blog on your widget. It will take credit from you. Only other people may click on your widget.

As far as 'amongus' map widget is concerned, yesterday it was undergoing a major 'site update.' I thought, like you, something was wrong, but it wasn't. That is why I added the clustermap widget, but I didn't need it after all!

I really think 'blogrush' could be very profitable, so please use this link if you want to drive more visitors to your own blog (Plus I get a few extra credits, as you will also) :


As of only two blogs that I read every day, almost religiously, Fixyourthinking and The Small Wave, I would like to see advertised on blogrush.... their just so damn good, the more people who read them, the better!

I am a lover of children's literature said...

I believe that the 'amongus' map widget shows the accumulative for the month. Current users locations are 'highlighted' by 'glowing indicators.'

Also, each dot location, when you hover your mouse over it, will show you how many people have visited from that particular location. For example: If you hover over Halifax, Nova Scotia, you will see that 2 visitors have visited.

Just a second or so ago, I noticed that you had new visitors from Britain, 2 from the States, one from Canada (me!) and one active from Joensuu, Finland as indicated by the glowing or pulsating dot.

By the way, I would be quite happy to have just 10% of your hits! lol

I am a lover of children's literature said...

Whoops... I just tried to move my 'amungus map' widget, but some how, through fatigue or just plain stupitiy, I don't know, but I must have pressed the 'delete' instead of 'save' button, because it is now gone and so I had to reinstalled it!

I was thinking, one could always install three map widgets, one for the collective totals; one for weekly and one for the monthly.

Yes, one would have to delete and reinstall both the weekly and the monthy map widget each week and each month respectfully, but you would have a more up-to-the-minute view of your map traffic on a weekly, monthly and collective basis.

Just a thought.

PS. The cluster map widget is slow.. it takes 24 hours or more to update. Not only that, but before I accidentally deleted the better 'amungus' map widget, clustermap only picked up one new location. Amungus picked it up (Spain) and several others such as Atlanta, Ga; Singapore and another in Europe that I can't recall?