Friday, September 14, 2007

This site will now focus on illegal bisexual network storage for the questionable and tasteless

The following was sent to someone who reads my website at work:

The Computer Usage, Electronic Mail and Internet Policy and Procedures section of the [where she works] Policy and Procedure Manual explicitly limits the use of the computer networks and systems provided by the State of South Carolina to official state business. Please refer to this policy for further clarification.

Effective September 14, 2007, access to the following types of Internet Web Sites will be blocked from the computer network provided to [where she works] staff: Society and Lifestyles, Personals and Dating, Entertainment, Restaurants and Dining, Games, Hobbies, MP3 and Audio Download Services, Message Boards and Clubs, Personal Network Storage and Backup, Internet Auctions, Shopping Real Estate, Vehicles, Instant Messaging, Web Chat, Internet Telephony, Internet Radio and TV, Potentially Unwanted Software, Gambling, Pay-to-Surf, Personal Web Sites, Malicious Web Sites, Spyware, Information Technology Proxy Avoidance, Sports, Sport Hunting and Gun Clubs, Phishing and Other Frauds, Information Technology Hacking, Violence, Weapons, Illegal or Questionable, Racism and Hate, Tasteless, Adult Material, Adult Material Nudity, Adult Material Adult Content, Adult Material Lingerie and Swimsuit, Adult Material Sex, Gay or Lesbian or Bisexual Interest.

Additionally, access to other categories may be limited or monitored. Modifications to what is blocked, limited, or monitored will be at the discretion of [where she works] Management.

An exception process will be provided for the rare situations where access to blocked sites is needed. To gain access to a blocked site, an employee would send an e-mail to their Appointing Authority identifying the Web site and a justifiable reason to access it directly related to the job the employee performs for [where she works]. The Appointing Authority would then forward the request to the CIO Help Desk for processing. Requests for exceptions will be monitored by [where she works] Management.

Please refer questions to your Appointing Authority.

So apparently I lost a reader today ... that is unless they get an iPhone or home computer ... which they have neither ... but I may just give them an iMac DV so they can continue to be a loyal reader.

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