Wednesday, September 26, 2007

PowerBook 170 at Friday's

While at Friday's (try the green bean fries by the way) ... I spotted this on the wall.


I am a lover of children's literature said...

I wonder if the thing still works?

Anonymous said...

Ah, Memories.

I bought the 140 when they came out. Loved it so much that I regretted not getting the 170. I sold the 140 one week after purchase (at a $200 loss) and bought the 170. It was my primary machine for over three years, and I got use out of it for over six.

FYT said...

I wonder if the thing still works?

It has 4 screws - one going right through the hard drive area ... so I don't think so ... although with the durability of these laptops ... maybe.

The 170 was an awesome machine - I have a customer who still uses one to type their books on it ... every now and themn I will have to change out their keyboard. One of the interesting upgrades I did was to the hard drive. I found a 2.5" SCSI to Compact flash adapter and put 2 2GB compact flash cards in it. It already had the maximum amount of RAM 20MB and all the OS tweaks I could find. It's actually pretty fast machine. It's even hooked up to broadband via a SCSI to ethernet adapter.

Anonymous said...

I also used the SCSI to Ethernet adapter. The 170 was simply a great machine.

At the time, it was a completely mobile (and faster) version of the SE/30 with a bigger screen. Given how much I fairly worshiped the SE/30 that's really saying something.