Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ok ... you got it ... now don't mess it up or make my iPhone more expensive

At Apple's media event in London, Apple launched the iPhone UK to go on sale on November 9th for £269 O2 is the selected network carrier. (Like AT&T is in the US)

- Unlimited data for all plans
- £35, 200 minutes, 200 SMS
- £45, 600 minutes, 500 SMS
- £55, 1200 minutes, 500 SMS
- 18 month contract.
- Uses EDGE (no 3g).
- iTunes WiFi Store
- 8GB Storage

Apple has also announced an agreement with The Cloud to offer 7500 free WiFi spots in the UK exclusively for the iPhone.

As with every other international release I hope the countries that start to get iPhone availability don't sue Apple for some absurd reason ... costing them litigation and effectively raising the prices of Apple products worldwide. If I were to take a wild guess ... I'd say that lawsuits are probably $2 of every Apple product sold.

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