Monday, September 24, 2007

The Man Purse: "If Anyone can pull it off it's you!"

Over the weekend I realized something:

"I need a purse"

I consider myself pretty much a trendsetter, an independent thinker, and I suppose somewhat of a metrosexual. My girlfriend says that if anyone could pull off a "man purse" it would be me. She said it would be better to call it a "Man Bag". It's a purse ... it came from the women's department of Macy's. So ... I must call it what it is.

I've seen a few guys with "Man Purse's" before ... but often they are alternative people, nature lovers, or strange environmentalist whackos. It doesn't look right on me, but I think I picked out one of the most utlitarian and MANLY of the ones I've seen.

Look, I have to be honest ... the thought of having a purse or having anyone THINK I carry a purse is kind of weird to me. I suppose I will never be able to wear it with my pink golf shirt or any pastel color.

I'm still trying to decide if I should make a large velcro belt clip or belt attachment and affix a swath of velcro to a clip or to my belt (or to something I could slide on my belt) or whether I should just wear it diagonally across my shoulder.

* Lest we forget ... Indiana Jones wears a man purse

My best friend said I should call it a "Utility Belt" because I am after all ... a crimefighter on this blog.

My new "man purse" has an ID/Driver's License holder that I can remove and just leave the rest in my car. It also has a nice place to organize my coupons/discounts and a GREAT place for my screwdrivers, thumb drive, retractable peripheral cables, and iPhone.

At least I don't wear a kilt ... although somehow I think that wearing a kilt with my new "man purse" wouldn't look nearly as silly.

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I am a lover of children's literature said...

Wow, I'm assuming that the handsome young man posted on the top of the post is yours truly, "Mr. Fixyourthinking" himself? Nice looking man. (Yes, I suppose its a compliment, but I call them as I see them.)

I'm not sure, however, about the 'man purse' thing? I actually carried a large black one for years! I never really had any problems, but if your brave enough to wear one, these days, then your a hell-of-a-lot more brave than little old chicken me.

Oh, by the way, that large black bag of mine, wasn't really mine. It belonged to Canada Post, were I worked for some eight years delivering Her Majesty's mail through the rain, snow and blistering heat while enjoying every minute of it...... well, most every minute.

And to think that I never needed to use my pepper spray once. The only time I got bite was by a dog so small that his bite actually tickled!

And yes, my old black 'man purse,' back then, at least, was then called a mail bag.

FYT said...

lover of child lit,

The thing is, I would wear a more "mail bag-like" thing, but I doubt it would make it past most security checks or be allowed in places like movie theaters without inspection. I may get inspected any way.

I'm going to try reallllll hard not to overhear the giggles "Did you see that that guy had a purse?"

Anonymous said...

Back in the past I used a small 'man purse' which held passport, money, keys etc when touring the hotter parts of Europe - I actually preferred to call it a "pochette", as that was much less embarrassing description than handbag or purse and so much more European....

Those dinky little bags are way too Jack McFarland (Will and Grace) for me - You need to be more Jack Bauer - just get one of these...

Free sidearm included.....