Friday, September 07, 2007

A letter to those that complained about the complainers ...

I posted this to The Small Wave blog:

I'd like to offer something back ... if you complained about the people feeling ripped off, then YOU shouldn't apply for the refund yourself.

Dear "Apple does everything right/Apple was justified to be disloyal to early adopetrs of the iPhone"

You don't deserve the $100 rebate/refund because you think Apple was 100% in the right about the price drop. Please help save Apple shareholders some of the burden of this refund. DO NOT APPLY FOR IT! You had NO IDEA that Apple would offer this refund!

I take a lot of responsibility for helping to get this done. My "higher up" contacts at Apple said that Steve Jobs responded DIRECTLY to them concerning my email to them.

... I'm going to have to address this.

If you do accept this refund, make sure that you thank ME for sticking to my guns about this.

I rarely critique Apple here. In this case ... I'm glad I did.

Philip Smith


Anonymous said...

Wow. I hadn't seen this when I emailed you earlier today. EVERYONE who bought an iPhone for $599 is entitled to the $100 credit. Period. For you to suggest otherwise does not logically follow from my post or any other.

Apple WAS right to lower the price, as Jobs himself explained. If those of us who DIDN'T complain don't deserve the Apple store credit, does that mean those who DID don't deserve the obvious benefits that will arise from the larger user base?

FYT said...

I think they were right to lower the price ... just not so much - so soon.

Apple would have released everything they were going to release - - whether 200,000 was added to the user base or not.

Anonymous said...

I did not complain and do not think it is owed by Apple to anyone... however, I gotta recover some of that stock loss!

How about you investing yours back into Apple?