Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The iPhone: Saved me time vs. lost time

My iPhone has undoubtedly saved me many hours of time in the few months I've had it.

Well ... in the past two months since I've had the iPhone I must've given over 100 quick demonstrations. One area my demos have lacked is the CoverFlow feature in the "iPod/iTunes" part of my iPhone.

CoverFlow is a visual way of scrolling through music - by album art work.

I really like it but because most my songs were ripped and downloaded long before iTunes even came out, I'm missing over 80% of my album art work. With 1800 songs going onto my iPod ... there's a lot of blanks to flip through and the CoverFlow demo isn't nearly as impressive.

I also have a lot of cartoon and tv theme song music ... plus quotes from my favorite movies. I have to find these images in Google images and then add them one by one.

On the eve of new iPods ... I thought I would dedicate 30 minutes a day to start placing the album art work in iTunes and syncing it to my iPhone for more fluid demos of CoverFlow and for my own psyche - it just looks better.

CoverFlow is the future of iTunes and iPods ... so I think I should be proactive and start now, at my current pace it will take right at a month to get all the album artwork.


Paul Douglas said...

I know what you mean. When CoverFlow was first introduced I spent about a week ensuring all my albums had artwork, And I have a relatively small music library

I am a lover of children's literature said...

Damn if I can remember where I downloaded it, but I once had a program that did that automatically. It worked like a charm too. Give it a CD title and it would search it on Amazon.com, etc. and then download it automatically to iTunes. It was shareware so I didn't keep it. Too cheap am I.

I have to admit that looking at blank covers is a real bummer. Not only is Cover Flow great i candy but it is functional too. I couldn't imagine doing without it now.

Anonymous said...

If you haven't already, check out the site below for cover art. Get the biggest size you can. Cover flow on my computer screen looks great, and I have it the same size (actually, a bit larger) than an actual CD.

If you grab tiny album art, it might look good on the iPhone, but not so hot in Front Row or on a 24" monitor.


Pascal Bourque said...

Have you tried TuneSleeve?


It downloads album art from Amazon for each album in your iTunes library (or in a specific playlist). You can choose which image is the best among all the images returned, and if there is no good match you can launch a search on Google Images in you browser then drag&drop the desired image on the album in TuneSleeve.

It is way faster than doing it manually!

Pascal (author of TuneSleeve)

FYT said...


Thanks for the sales pitch ... even though it's Windows only.

Problem is I don't have most of my artwork labelled ... all I have is the song title and the artist. Like I said in the post ... I also have a lot of odd things like quotes and personal recordings/rips that I've done from movies ... no artwork collector will able to find those.

For instance ... I have "Everybody loves a slinky" from Ace Ventura