Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Iomega ... just go out of business already!

Ya know ... Iomega really dropped the ball a few years back. They knowingly shipped Zip drives with faulty mechanics. They knowingly shipped remanufactured power supplies that exceeded the voltage of their zip drives causing power supply failures.* They refused to move quickly to upgrade the capacity of the Zip Drive and make older Zip Disks compatible. Then they moved to 40 MEG laptop discs called Clik Drives while the smallest USB Thumb drive was 256MB for the same price. Iomega is certainly in my top 10 of worst run companies.

Today they did this:

Several of my clients in my Apple Tech service biz have G-Technology
G-Tech Drives that look like this:

Today Iomega released these drives:

How lame of Iomega to dump on a small company like G-Tech and pretend these type of drives have never been done before.

* Back some 7 years ago ... I tested several dozen Iomega power supplies - the voltage coming out of them was 7.4 volts - not 5V as advertised on the power supply and the 6V maximum that the Zip drives would accept. The "over-voltage" would slowly burn the power supply and/or the Zip drive up


Anonymous said...

At one point Iomega and their Zip drives had the tech world by the balls. They could have been HUGE.

If you ever want to see an example of a one-hit wonder, resting on their laurels and not keeping competitive, Iomega is the textbook example.

The fact that they then had quality issues was just icing on the cake.

FYT said...

Tom ...


If they would have come out with SOMETHING I'm sure all of my customers would still have something Iomega.

They tried to squeeze everybody into making new purchases and making discs incompatible.

Go into ANY office store and see how many 250Mb and 750MB Iomega discs they have - nobody bought these drives.

Everyone started buying CD burners and then DVD burners - why - universal media!

Anonymous said...

I have a dead Iomega ZIP CD650. This reminds me - I must throw it out.

I have been so close to buying a G-Tech drive to replace my Lacie drive that had the PS pack up on. In the end I got a new enclosure as the HD was still OK. I may still buy a G-Tech drive...

I am a lover of children's literature said...

Wow... and I thought it was bad enough how Microsoft ripped off design elements from Apple, but this is ridiculous!

Exactly who are they trying to kid with their G5, PowerMac rip off?

I have an old Zip drive somewhere in storage, but really, it would be better off in the trash as it never and I mean never worked they way it should have. It was buggy, slow and kept throwing out disks like they were bullets or something. I had problems with it from day one. Only good thing about i wast, at the time, it matched my old blue Indigo Power Mac color scheme!