Friday, September 14, 2007

I'm giving away my "iPhone Early Adopter" Apple Store Credit & A signed copy of Digital Culture!

Ok ... so I just got my Apple Store "early iPhone adopter's" credit and I'm going to give it away just to prove it was the principal of the situation that mattered to me. I'm also going to give away some copies of Digital Culture: Best Technology Writing of 2007 and some Fix Your Thinking T-Shirts.

The contest is simple to win:

* In the sidebar (to the right) there is an archive of all the stories ever published on this site. I want you to click on a any previous month's archives and find a blog post from this website that you like - then return to THIS POST and place a comment on THIS CONTEST POST - the title and briefly why you like it. (Trolls, multiple submissions from the same IP, and hater messages will be tossed out ... but you are free to leave any comment you wish.)

* On Monday at 5PM EST, I will have my neighbor (who doesn't read this site) choose a random winner.

* How will I know it's you? You need to leave some kind of signature ... for me; it would be "Rus" .... if you have a common name; it would help to put a first name and last initial. DO NOT POST ADDRESSES, PHONE NUMBERS, OR EMAIL ADDRESSES.!

* Contest is open internationally. Items will be mailed USPS First Class with delivery confirmation.

* The winner will be posted on Monday at 5:30PM EST SEPT 17, 2007. This means that all that post here will have to return on Monday. Once you respond in private to the "winner post" I will mail you the following prize package:

1) $100 Apple Store Credit
1) Digital Culture: Best Technology Writing Of 2007
1) Large or X-Large Fix Your Thinking T-Shirt

I will also choose random winners to receive a signed copy of Digital Culture: Best Technology Writing of 2007 and for a Fix Your Thinking T-Shirt.

Since this website is small ... you have a great chance of winning!

* Regular readers ... if you have a blog or website please give me some props and link to this contest:


Paul Douglas said...

Doing Disney! The Ultimate Review & Tip Guide To All Things Disney World! Part III: Observations.

The reason I like this post is the use it has. It provides meaningful information about visiting a Disney Trip in a fun and entertaining way. And it goes further than that, comparing the quality of the Disney Experience to that of the Universal Studios one. I found it especially useful since I'm planning a Disney trip with my friends next year - though to Disneyland Paris. I also like that you criticised Disney for installing that Stupid Mickey Mouse arm on Spaceship Earth. Just like you, I thought it was silly and out of place - it didn't fit the theme. Thank the heavens they've removed it.

I hope that's enough.

Paul "Jensonb" Douglas

chase said...

I Hate Children & Their Little Laptops Too! Is There Collusion Between Linux Community Leaders, MIT, & AMD & A Conspiracy Against Apple & Microsoft?

I think the most prominent and major problems with this type of technology is that its just going to create another Nigeria type environment for where these laptops land. I recall reading an article about some of the kids got caught watching porn? What kind of educational device is that? The next thing we know, the will become bot spammers and email scammers.

Cool site, rssed!

Unknown said...

"How to Make Apple Jelly" is one of my favorites. It makes a good quality product, is something out of the norm for this site, and apple jelly is just d*mn good.
- Michael E. (aka zeroaxs)

Peter said...

Competition Paying For Apple Security Flaws - Mon Nov 21, 2005

Unfortunately this is happening a lot - not just with Apple, but with other companies too. A lot of the time, the security flaws don't even have to exist - it's ironic that in our "information age", bad PR, "disinformation" - even with no basis whatsoever - can do so much damage to a company or a product's image.

Questioning the security of e-commerce is the equivalent of shouting "bomb!" in an airport - people are cautious for weeks, months, even years to come, and that makes people think twice about buying off iTunes, or even installing the software.

All you have to do is keep up-to-date, use common sense, and internet shopping will be nice and safe.

Peter Ooms
(you can contact me through my blogger profile)

Anonymous said...

I had quite a lot of fun reading back looking for my favorite entry of yours. The Jack Campbell and Bill Palmer stuff is great! But by far my favorite story, and yours too, is "Is It A Sin To Buy A Mac?" (

It was a great write-up and great investigative work. I spent hours clicking through and reading all the links you provided.