Thursday, September 20, 2007

GPS on the iPhone?

From Engadget:

Mexens Technology [announced] its virtual GPS system is finally available for the iPhone ... the program utilizes "WiFi & cellular tower triangulation techniques," but according to the firm's CEO, "this is just as if the iPhone were equipped with a GPS chip." Of course, we're still doubtful that this peer-to-peer location approach works just as good as a bonafide GPS receiver ... you won't be forced to pay the $24.99 purchase price until after 15 days are up

The forum posts associated with this "iPhone trick out" indicate several issues:

* You must install this via a semi-complicated hack as an unsupported iPhone application - meaning it could and most likely will be broken on the next iPhone update.

* Apparently some "Navizon Installers" are experiencing bad lock ups & freezes after installing the application

Please trust me here ... Apple IS ABOUT TO DO THIS THE RIGHT WAY with a bluetooth GPS that will knock the socks off the competition of Garmin, Tom Tom, and Magellan.

* Picture courtesy of Engadget

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