Monday, September 24, 2007

The Egg McMuffin: It costs more to get less; it costs less to get more!

I wasn't so upset that my plain Egg McMuffin without the Canadian bacon from Sunday morning wasn't discounted. What I'm upset about is that my sausage Egg McMuffin was 10 cents less. Couldn't they have just charged me for the sausage Egg McMuffin instead of the regular Egg McMuffin?

To explain this to the dolt teenager running the drive thru wasn't worth getting my 10 cents back.


Anonymous said...

So one fine morning I went to McDonalds and ordered two Sausage McMuffins with egg. These don't have cheese (and I don't like cheese for breakfast). They gave them to me with cheese on them. So of course, I go back to the counter and tell them "you put cheese on these and they are not supposed to have cheese." The first words out of the guy's mouth were "that will be 20 cents extra."

Anonymous said...

Sorry that should have been biscuit, not mcmuffin.

Anonymous said...

Phew, for a brief moment there I though that Bill Palmer had taken over - this is the sort of stuff he posts about now and again -
Cashier on drugs?

Talking of Palmer have you seen this? How many inaccuracies can you count in just this one article? Amazon MP3s