Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A designer as CEO: Should Jonathan Ive be Apple's next leader?

Steve Jobs shows no signs of retiring any time soon, but Jess McMullin, who runs the great Business+Design blog, thinks ahead and pre-emptively wraps his head around Apple's succession planning. In an open letter to the Apple board, he urges the directors to consider Jonathan Ive, Apple's next CEO

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I find this the most logical decision ... it will be the greatest blunder of all time for a company to make Phil Schiller Apple's next CEO. Schiller reminds me too much of Wozniak.


I am a lover of children's literature said...

I can't think of anybody who, next to Jobs himself, who gets it the way Ive does. Truly, the man 'Thinks Different' and has already proven himself when it comes to thinking outside of the box.

Ive and Steve have been a team and Ive has contribute as much, if not even more, than anyone else at Apple, in helping Steve accomplish the amazing things at Apple that he has done.

I hope it will be many years before Uncle Steve retires from Apple, but if and when he does, no one has the kind of innovation in his blood the way Ive does, nor the vision and determination to get it done the way Ive can.

Ive isn't Steve, but he's the closest one could possibly get to replace him.

Anonymous said...

uhhh...... how about Tim Cook? He pretty much runs the company as is. I like Joh Ives, don't get me wrong but he only really deals with design not strategy. Cook fills in for Jobs when Jobs is gone, and well, he does most of the work when Jobs is there.