Monday, September 24, 2007

Compliments O' Plenty ...

From the My 2 Cents 4 The Day Blog, by Don Williams:

Of the estimated 50 to 70 million plus blogs out there, most are not worth the time of day to read. Some, of course, are very well written by highly intelligent and analytical minds, and are thought provoking, entertaining and very well worth the time and effort to read. Some of these blogs, that come to my mind, and some of my personal favorites, are: Scobleizer, Daring Fireball, Fixyourthinking, The Small Wave, and The Diary of Fake Steve Jobs ...


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Anonymous said...

My blog's in there, too, but it all just leads up to iJustine. Yep, Don threw us over for a pretty face! :)

We've run into Justine before; she's the one who posted the funny YouTube video with the 300 page AT&T bill a few weeks back.

Lots of videos on her blog, which I quickly lose patience with, but there's definitely some good stuff there.