Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Woz pulled over for doing 104 mph in his Prius. Wow.

He would have gone to jail in my state. This is also his second 50+ over the speed limit ticket in 5 years.

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Anonymous said...

Like the Prius can even do 100 MPH! :)

I am a lover of children's literature said...

I'm not sure, but someone told me that the 'Woz' got a $750.00 fine for his trouble?

Hmmm, for a guy who never leaves the house with less than $20,000.00 cash in his pocket, he probably wasn't all that worried over the deal?

What kind of guy leaves the house with 20 grand in his pocket anyway?

Obviously, a very rich one!

Anonymous said...

Is he patting his pocketful of 20G in that photo?

What kind of guy leaves the house with 20 grand in his pocket anyway?

A drug dealer?

FYT said...

Truthfully guys ... I think Steve Wozniak is the exact opposite of Steve Jobs ... Jobs is so cool ... Woz is an idiot. Whenever he's interviewed ... he make s a complete idiot of himself. IE:

Anonymous said...

"Woz is an idiot"

Uhh surely you don't mean that in the most literal use of the word. I mean he did make the Apple I and Apple II, and is largely acknowledged to be a brilliant computer engineer. He may lack social grace, but an idiot he isn't.

FYT said...

No I definitely mean it ... he's an embarassment! You have to remember that he was NOT for the Mac ... he didn't like the Mac ... and if it were left up to his business sense we probably wouldn't have an Apple Computer today.

He's also hypocritical ... his other car is a Hummer H2

His jokes aren't funny and he's overweight.

He is essentially everything the opposite of Steve Jobs.