Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Requesting Sinbad's Comments ...

I sent an email to whom I think is Sinbad's agent; Scott Simpson, this morning:


I hope this reaches the right person.

I've seen Sinbad at MacWorld Expos (An annual Apple Computer Expo held in San Francisco)

Recently a topic was discussed at another expo called C4; Blacks Don't Use Macs

I would love to hear Sinbad's comment on this.

How long has he been a Mac user?

Why does he think African Americans do not use Apple Computers ... or at least disproportionately?

Here is an article I wrote about the topic today:

I sincerely appreciate your help if you are able to forward this for comment to Sinbad ... whom I think would be very interested in commenting on the topic.

Philip Smith

If anyone happens to know how to contact Sinbad more directly ... please let me know.

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