Thursday, August 02, 2007

Microsoft gives you another reason to switch to a Mac and NEVER look back (at ANYTHING Microsoft)!

Microsoft delays Office 2008 for Mac

The Associated Press notes that Microsoft is delaying the launch of Mac Office 2008 until mid-January 2008, citing the need to fix a few remaining bugs in it's flagship office suite. "It really is just a quality issue across the board," said Craig Eisler, General Manager of Microsoft's Mac Business Unit. Eisler also said Apple 's "decision to switch to Intel-based chips disrupted the software development process, as did Microsoft's move to a new file format with the release of Office 2007 for Windows-based computers."

I use Pages, TextEdit, and Open Office. I REFUSE to place office on anyone's computer that buys a Mac from me. While Mac Office is a great product - Pages and Keynote ARE better. I just hope Apple gets an iWork update out of the door before January and includes a spreadsheet app - something that is most likely a given.


Paul Douglas said...

What I think is that Apple is going to release updated iWork and iLife, possibly alongside Leopard, with very big new features. So Numbers or whatever they call the Spreadsheet app is a given presumably. And I think iPhoto will be getting a "Take That Photoshop" update. No, really. I mean, I'm sure Apple doesn't like advocating other people's software, hence why they made iTunes For Windows.

Pure speculation, but there you go.

FYT said...

JensonB ...

I agree 100%.

I am certain that Apple is about to make iPhoto a BIG deal - with layer editing and compositing capablity ... it may even be a stand alone app. I've heard talk amongst certain circles that an app named "Composite" or" Collage" was under development.

Paul Douglas said...

We called it. Everything I listed appeared.

FYT said...

JensonB - the biggest part of the bullet in iWork is the $79 pricetag which is a bargain for "Numbers" alone

Paul Douglas said...

It's a very nice price. Apple has given us an affordable way to stop using MS's tools.

Plus, Numbers looks flat out better than Excel.