Thursday, August 02, 2007

Is this good poetry?

One of the things you are going to start seeing more of on this blog is "My writing". I enjoy sharing my personal experiences ... I have an almost unlimited amount of stories to tell. I just told one last night that I'm honing a bit for posting soon. I'm still having a few issues trying to get the new blogger template I switched to to cooperate. I think it will be neat to start having polls and better reference sections here. Also, for anyone that wants to know. I have to moderate close to 30 comments a day now. This site is pretty ingrained into Google searches. A lot of comments I respond to as well ... so this has been sort of time consuming.

Here's some poetry I wrote recently:

You are beautiful
No, not just beautiful
You are the rarest, most wonderful

Your voice is a soothing saxophone
Playing a love song tailored just for me
Perfect; for me

Your eyes are undiscovered stars
Unique to the universe
But visible in my heart's sky

Your body is a sculpture
Crafted by God
As an example of "Eve"

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