Monday, August 06, 2007

Is Dan Lyons TOTALLY Fake?

A while back when it was being speculated that Andy Inatkho was Fake Steve I said,

"I can assure you with near 99.594678432% accuracy it's ... [look at the tags]."

The tags for that article implicated Jack Miller of As The Apple Turns.

Jack has been missing in action for almost two years now ... without a trace of ANY online activity or writing.

Writers, such as myself, can not just quit cold turkey. Writing is a passion. It's like giving up cigarettes or even sex. Once a writer ... always a writer. I can understand Jack Miller getting tired of the medium of the internet ... but I would have expected to see him writing elsewhere; maybe a column for some Mac magazine or even as a show host for some podcast. He was too witty and too well loved for someone not to have snapped him up, like The Macalope has been by CNet.

While I was obviously wrong with my answer as to the identity of Fake Steve ... I almost think there could be a small bit of misdirection here. I think Fake Steve may be a few people and they are revealing Dan Lyons so that the others can remain anonymous ... or maybe they are just going to give Lyons all the credit. There are just too many clues that add up to some Jack Miller collaboration.

I'm going to admit I was wrong on this one. I just wanted to voice that we may be getting a bit of smoke and mirrors though.

Fake Steve Reveals Himself As Dan Lyons

Tom over at The Small Wave returned home from vacation with some excellent commentary on the whole reveal including this:

Some look to a Lyons article critical of blogging and claim for him to have written FSJ was hypocrisy. No, it was someone brilliantly turning the medium into a powerful tool. It also shows that smart people can change their minds. Don't be bitter just because he pulled it off while you never even thought of it (and probably couldn't pull it off if you had).

Some are upset that the blog was published anonymously, but FSJ could never have happened without it, and that’s proof enough (if any were needed) that it can be a very useful technique. (Hey, it worked for The Federalist Papers.) Forget the anonymity for a moment, FSJ doesn’t take off unless the writing kicks ass. How many people know or care about all the other “fake” sites?

In this day and age we’re all too quick to kill the messenger and ignore the message. In FSJ’s case it was the message we discussed. That was a very good thing. Now that he’s been unmasked, some “messenger killing” seems to have begun. We’ll see a lot more of it in the days to come, but I disagree. The writing of FSJ did not magically change with his unmasking, nor should we be even remotely surprised that his creator shares the same views and biases.

Truthfully I'm quite jealous - Fake Steve was the best idea blogging has had in a while. It was (and still is) very creative and innovative.


I am a lover of children's literature said...

Fake Steve Jobs was and will, no doubt, continue to be one of the very best blogs ever written. It's absolutely brilliant, entertaining and is a product of no ordinary writer.

In fact, as a sufferer of Extreme Fatigue Syndrome it's hard for me to read anything, but FSJ is one of only three blogs that I force myself to read despite this handicap. The other two are this blog (FYT) and The Small Wave.

In my posting of this subject, I told the 2 or 3 readers of my own little blog, "Maybe if I practice for a million years I will get to be half as good as Dan Lyon?" Even then, I don't know? Great writers are born, not made. Daniel Lyons is one of those.

In the end, 'The Fake Steve Jobs is the REAL DEAL!'

FYT said...

I completely agree "lover" ... great writing and one of the few I can stand to read.