Tuesday, August 14, 2007

iPhone Phone Bill Is More Like The Phone Book

A very attractive girl put a video online showing her 300 page iPhone detailed bill. It's pretty funny.

[Maybe it's just me ... but is this girl attractive, but also weird looking? Her eyebrows are sculpted like some wierd comma]

From Tasty Blog Snack:

I finally got my first bill from AT&T in a cardboard box containing 300 pages of it. Apparently, they give you a detail transaction of every text message sent and received. Completely unnecessary.

The 300 page iPhone Phone Bill

This has to be the most boneheaded thing AT&T has done and it must be costing them 100's of thousands of dollars - because I've read other accounts of large bills being received around the net.

They should just be sending out a letter saying,

Dear AT&T Customer,

Your detailed phone bill for your iPhone is greater than 50 pages long. You are entitled to a hard copy of this bill to examine your charges. This bill can be viewed online using ATT.COM or you can mail this postage paid envelope back to us to request your detailed bill in hard copy. Please do not use the prepaid envelope for payments.

We appreciate your business.


[Credit to ENGADGET for the link]

I got my second bill two days ago and it was 80 pages - fortunately I already had e-billing.

Unfortunately my bill was wrong ...

1) My AT&T employee discount was not applied (only 10% off)

2) My plan had reverted to my old plan somehow and was therefore $80 higher.

A quick phone call remedied the situation, but none the less ... so far it seems AT&T has been the one making all the mistakes in the AT&T/Apple partnership.


I am a lover of children's literature said...

She is very pretty, but her stare is a little strange I must admit.

Maybe if she wasn't so damn cute, she get less text messages and people wouldn't bother to phone her so much.

Hell, being ugly sure cuts down on my phone bill!

As for AT&T sending out phone books as invoices, well, it doesn't exactly make them the smartest looking smart phone provider, now does it?

FYT said...

I am ...

I'm sure you are beautiful ... don't be so modest.