Tuesday, August 14, 2007

iTunes Pro?

An interesting quote from The Shots Ring Out blog:

Why is Universal making it harder for you, and especially the less net-savvy crowd, to get DRM-free music? They don’t really want you to have it and if you must have it they sure don’t want Apple to be the one to give it to you. So why is Universal so scared of Apple? Because Apple is one signed band away from being the most powerful music label of them all: a music label that understands both branding and technology.

Yes, with The Beatles lawsuit out of the way ... I expect Apple to announce at the '08 MacWorld or maybe even the next "iPod upgrade event" a MAJOR singer will actually record, produce and sign with Apple as a LABEL not just a distributor. I also expect Apple to tout Logic and Garageband as tools used to produce the iTunes only album AND upgrade iTunes with built in "Recording Studio In A Box" features ... possibly even offering a paid "iTunes Pro" package.

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