Monday, August 06, 2007

I Found A Ratatouille In My Chicken McNugget!

I wanted to revisit my 15 minutes of fame from this website for a moment.

In March of 2006 I wrote:

The 5 Things Steve Jobs Has Misled Us About In The Last 30 Years

This story remains my most commented on, most linked, and most hit page. The article was also published on several "How To Write a Great Blog" tip sites.

In this article, I stated as the #5 item Steve Jobs has misled us about:

... the Disney buyout of Pixar ...

Personally, I think this merger comes at a different time than say Pre-Incredibles.

I think the merger is dishonest because this will be Pixar's least successful film to date.

This movie (Cars) is geared towards boys - girls have no interest in cars ... I feel it's why A Bug's Life didn't do great ($160 million) vs Finding Nemo ($340 million) (US Domestic)

While I'm sure it will be a great film --- outdoing anything Dreamworks could possibly think up ... I just think this deal is being made at a time when Pixar stock could take a huge hit because of lackluster box office results for Cars.

Cars ended up making $244 million at the US domestic box office. Adjusted for inflation; this is slightly more money than A Bug's Life made. A Bug's Life has ended up being a classic Disney film with an attraction at Disney's Animal Kingdom being the centerpiece of the entire theme park. There's hardly any merchandising at all with Cars at Disney World - although Cars has been very successful in toy and NASCAR tie-ins.

One of the things I noticed about Ratatouille is that it wasn't possible to market it with a McDonald's Happy Meal - no one wants to associate RATS! with their food.

It now appears as if Ratatouille, while certainly a box office success; will end up being Pixar's worst performing movie at the box office to date. In my opinion, it's not that great of a movie ... but like Cars may have a limited appeal to all children and certainly a limited appeal to cross promotions at restaurants - where Disney typically floods children's vision with tie-in toys and advertising.

It is very possible that Ratatouille even loses money - the first Pixar film to do so ; if the film does not make another $45 million at the box office ... which is doubtful)

Ratatouille Box Office as of August 6 2007:

USA: $188,282,000 78.7%
Foreign: $50,890,000 21.3%
= Worldwide: $239,172,000

A movie studio sees roughly 55% of it's box office revenue. Ratatouille cost $150 million - the most expensive Pixar film to date.

Ratatouille also seems to have less licensing and less toys/promotion than other Pixar films. (An area where Cars excelled.)

Good thing Steve Jobs sold Pixar when when he did aye?

I'm having to admit a lot of wrong today ... first Fake Steve - now this.

I was wrong about Ratatouille ... I honestly thought it would be one of Pixar's best performing films. At the beginning of the summer I stated:
Ratatouille - I think Pixar and Disney were hoping for a better box office from Charlotte's Web so as to popularize "rats in film". I see this movie making a lot more than Cars and being a huge hit internationally. I predict this movie will make $250 million in the US, but $400 million internationally. I'm also keen to see if there was any "Steve Jobs is head of Pixar & Apple effect" that has worn off since the sale of Pixar to Disney. Disney's current CGI animated picture - Meet The Robinsons is essentially a Pixar film - just not under the name. It's not fairing too well.
Also a few readers said that The Simpsons was going to be a big movie and I scoffed. WOW! Was I ever wrong about that. The Simpsons cost $75 million to make and has already pulled in $236 million Worldwide.

So ... let's just say ... 3 strikes I'm out ... next inning.

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Anonymous said...

It's hard for me to get worked up about a rat in association with food, no matter how cute he is.

I have not seen the Simpson's movie, but plan to.

Three strikes and you're out? If that were true no blogger would make it past the first week! :)