Friday, August 24, 2007

Alltel ... you're next

I took this picture in my local mall yesterday.

I don't see any consumer groups jumping on Alltel about advertising appealing to anorexia!

Apple was asked to pull it's recent iMac Tagline

"You can't be too thin. Or too powerful."



I am a lover of children's literature said...

There are two points why I think Allitel won't be criticized the Apple was on this.

ONE: Alltel isn't sexy: Apple is sexy, very sexy and, as such, it generates a lot of media buzz and it is that media buzz that people are trying to generate for themselves at Apple's expense.

Generating as many hits on the internet, is after all, the biggest internet game in town, and nobody generates as many hits as sexy Apple can, especially the negative ones, for some strange and twisted reason?

TWO: the second point is that there are, I'm sure of it, professional shills, mostly Microsoft based, I believe, that do nothing all day but to attack Apple's many and amazing success's, such as the iPod, to help cover and deflect on their many un-amazing failures such as the Zune, etc..

In other words: Make yourself look a little better by trying to make Apple look a lot worse!

Anonymous said...

While the thought that someone may take offence at any references to "thin" did pop into my head I hate as much as anyone else the PC brigade (that's Politically Correct PC) mindset that we cannot mention anything remotely sensitive just incase a few people take exception to it.

I am only too aware that in the case of the ads here it is because users want a small phone to go into a pocket. They don't want to have to lug around a brick like they did in the 80's.

Why can't we use common sense (anyone remember that?) and read into the ads exactly what it means. This phone (an inanimate object incapable of feeling anything) is so thin it won't make a bulge in your pocket equivalent to the Woz's Twenty Grand?

Like wise the new iMac is so thin it takes up little desk space. It doesn't suffer from an eating disorder for crying out loud!!!!!!!

Stop telling us how to thing FFS!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

EDIT note - That should be "Stop telling us how to think FFS!!!!!!!!"