Friday, August 03, 2007

3 Wheelin' ???

So ... last week I was at my local flea market and the parking lot was completely full.

It was hard to maneuver and weave through the lot to find a space. A truck pulled up close behind me and could obviously see I had no where to go. I got out and politely asked if he could back up. He insisted that I could fit through a narrow opening. I told him I refused to attempt going around a few cars ... 1) I might scratch my car on the bramble 2) I wasn't so sure about the stability of the embankment. I got back in my car hoping he would just move.

He could have easily backed up.

He started beeping his horn. I just turned off my car and got out, leaned on my door and started checking my email on my iPhone. He smacked his hands down on the steering wheel, made his face red with road rage and pulled around me ... tearing up gravel and dirt with his back tires.

Here's his truck. After he did this, I was able to back up and get to a better spot.


I am a lover of children's literature said...

Ha, ha... he got what he deserved! Looks good on him!

Anonymous said...

Redneck's last words: "Hey y'all watch this!"

Anonymous said...

i hope you thanked him!