Friday, July 20, 2007

Yeah like Gruber would call someone a _______ to their face.

John Gruber links to the following on his website today:

Like John Gruber would have the testicular fortitude to call someone a "jackass of the week" to their face. He hides behind the popularity of his website and the omniscience of his words without reader comment.

I also have to say that while he's been pretty tame this past month, the month before last I counted 7 "four letter words" within his postings. To what filth does he refer that he doesn't himself use?

I would also like to say that most of the time - the anonymous people that say stupid stuff ... say ... well ... just that ... it almost always looks like a troll ... so ... you end up looking even more right with your article ... it's kinda like showing everyone ... "look the people that can't spell, can't speak coherently disagree with me".

I appreciate reader interaction ... sometimes I am wrong and sometimes my readers can help me clarify a point by comment interaction.

For instance ... if I do a story on Bill Palmer ... Roget almost always has something great to link to. Even when I don't write something about Bill Palmer ... Roget has something Bill has done worse ...LOL.


Anonymous said...

Hah - I haven't followed him out to LA.
But he seems busy stalking 'rock stars'...

Not having comments may save time and grief but sometimes commenters can add to the article.

Gruber from what I have read so far doesn't seem to say much - just links a lot. Maybe he is afraid someone might say something more interesting than him?
Or maybe I have joined the 'show' late and missed all the great Gruberisms?

Then you get those who have a comment system in place but remove anything faintly critical or questioning - maybe even seeding a few bogus comments into their articles to make it look like they have a readership?...

...or even adding over the top comments like "Go [name] Go!!! - [site name] rocks!!!"???

I'm surprised you hold Gruber in such high esteem, or markedly less high esteem now?

Anyway, glad I can add the odd snippet to FYT!

FYT said...

You wouldn't be insinuating that iProng plants comments now would you Roget? [SARCASM]I know from experience iProng NEVER deletes comments[/SARCASM]

Paul Douglas said...

I would never say something which I would not repeat, given a chance, to someone's face.

Not everyone on the internet is dishonourable, cowardly and disloyal.

Hiding, obscuring, removing, ignoring dissent. It is these acts that make the spark of resistance.

Mesrs Spolsky, Winer and Gruber would do well to tread lightly.