Wednesday, July 11, 2007

VOIP on the iPhone?

As reported by Engadget:

For those only interested in fielding VoIP calls on an iPhone ... this here workaround spills the beans. Admittedly, this method is far from seamless, but by installing the famed SoonR Talk application on your home PC and logging into the AJAX-enabled SoonR website on your iPhone, a new way of calling instantly emerges. As with other VOIP devices that support AJAX interfaces, you can reportedly view and call Skype buddies through your iPhone, but you should be aware that SkypeOut credits will be used due to the PSTN leg needed to dial your mobile. Inelegant as it may be, VoIP has now invaded the (non-Cisco) iPhone.

This is certainly interesting ... something that I predicted would happen in less than 10 days of the iPhone coming out ... and look what happened?

* A couple of notes:

- there is a pretty big latency (audio delay due to iPhone to server to phone to server to iPhone exchange)

- the exchange uses Skype credits ... while cheaper than AT&T minutes - still is a cost. There isn't a FREE VOIP client ... YET.

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