Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Transformers: A 2 hour cartoon without the line art

I am writing this review biasly:

I loved The Transformers when I was growing up. I had five:

Soundwave (my favorite - transformed into a "walkman" cassette player)

Ravage (a cassette for Soundwave that transformed into a doberman pincher)

Laserbeak (another cassette that transformed into a vulture)

Rumble (a cassette that transformed into a robot)

Shockwave - (transformed into a very large gun)

I didn't have any of the automobiles, but I do remember making a few of them from Legos.

I used to run home from getting off the bus to watch The Transformers with my older brother. It was a daily event in the 80's.


As for this movie ... if you go into it expecting Shakespeare, plot, or even meaning ... you WILL BE disappointed. If you go into it from the perspective that THIS IS a childhood fantasy come to life (but still a cartoon) you will love it. I fall in the latter category.

I've read a number of reviews that said the special effects were the best of any movie to date. One review even placed this movie as the new benchmark for special effects. I have to agree. The effects really highlight the artistry of Industrial Light & Magic. It's so real - you can't believe that it wasn't actually filmed without real robots.

There are a number of plot holes - but so were there in the cartoons. Some things (like a map on some eye glasses) don't even make sense.

Megatron is handled perfectly - although I can't understand why the voice was Hugo Weaving ... I give a big score to his agent for getting money to do the Megatron voiceover. His voice is so "robotically" distorted that I could have done Megatron's voice and you wouldn't have known the difference. Also, whenever Weaving is on the screen ... you expect some kind of quotable line ... no such luck in this movie.

I highly recommend this movie although it will not break into my Top 100 of all time.

* Note the plethora of Macs in "The Pentagon" and "What the hackers use".

For true Transformers fans, take a look at this funny skit on You Tube:

Optimus Prime Gets Prostate Cancer

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