Tuesday, July 17, 2007

This almost happened on June 29th : iPhone Launch Day

CNN reports:

A man appeared in court in Sydney on Saturday after taking an armored personnel carrier on a rampage through the city's western suburbs in which he destroyed six mobile phone towers, Australian media reported.

This image from Australian TV shows the vehicle during the rampage through Sydney suburbs.

* Photo courtesy Engadget

[Police] said the 45-year-old man had been arrested on his way to damaging a seventh tower ...

"He continued to destroy mobile tower communications sheds by crashing through the perimeter fence and colliding with structures, causing significant damage."

This almost happened at the AT&T store I was at on iPhone Launch Day. We had a guy so frustrated that he had been waiting in line, that he threatened to run his car into the store if he didn't get "taken care of in the next 20 minutes".

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