Thursday, July 19, 2007

Things ... they are a changin'

This coming week ... updates may be slow or non existent due to the following:

* This is a maintenance week for me and this site.

* I'm updating older stories to reflect new information

* I switched to a new blogger template and it is slightly awkward to customize it, but I'm getting used to it.

* I'm updating old links that link to or to reflect fixyourthinking and

* I'm trying to figure out the optimal ways to get a little bit of revenue from this site.

If you see a Google ADsense ad to the right that interests you ... please click on it ... I'm only $6.38 away from a payout and I could really use the money ... ;-)

Here are some stories I would be following:

Engadget reports that there may be more to yesterday's "Mac OSX Worm"

My first iPhone problem - iPhoto no longer syncing photos. I solved it. (I'll follow up with this probably on Sunday)

Andy Ihnatko IS NOT Fake Steve Jobs as Valleywag and Business 2.0 report - I can say with near certainty that it's Jack Miller of As The Apple Turns.


From Valleywag comments: Remember the pic that FSJ released of him holding a MacBook? I remember seeing a wedding band. Andy's not married (I think).

- But Jack Miller IS married

From Valleywag article:FOR: The IP address ... Fake Steve Jobs has sent email from a Boston-area Internet connection.

- Jack Miller lives in the Boston area

Interesting post last night on Fake Steve regarding an 'invasion of privacy' - also Jack Miller-esque paranoid.

- If you remember this site was accused of the same when I tried to find out if he was ok after not publishing for a year.

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