Monday, July 02, 2007

iPhone : Not a good eBay seller?

I've been watching this pretty closely myself.

But Corey Spring gives an in depth look at iPhone auctions on Newsvine.

An analysis 933 eBay auctions for iPhones found that over 50 percent of them came and went without a single bidder.

I noticed that auctions that ended with bidders ended at absurd amounts like $750+/- and seemed to have quite a bit of shill bidding (ie - winners in same home state or similar IDs to seller or no feedback, or feedback from the seller)

It's pretty common knowledge that MOST Apple stores still have stock, that some AT&T stores still have stock, that the Apple Store online will strt fulfilling orders tomorrow and expects to be caught up in 4 weeks AND you cannot use the Phone overseas AT ALL at this point - it won't even roam outside the US (AT THE MOMENT) )

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