Monday, July 23, 2007

I just don't get this ...

The YouTube "I need attention" crowd has posted an interesting video at:


The page claims:

Have you told Apple? What are they doing about it?

We have notified Apple and proposed a fix that they could include in a future iPhone update, but we don't know if they plan to do so. They responded and are looking into it.

My question is ... why isn't the recognition that Apple gives whenever they release a security fix or software update good enough for the average person's resume? Why do they have to present these exploits in such an extreme way - it's the video - it's the choice of registering that shocks me.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the ultimate goal is to get money for the security flaw:,4670,SellingSecurityInfo,00.html

If so, then perhaps the finders think the more extreme it's presented, the better.

Anonymous said...

Part of the reason, I feel, for all the ruckus people are making about this, is the simple fact that Apple has built up a considerable amount of Buzz in the press, and is portrade as unstoppable.

By trying to prove that Apple is stoppable they are trying to break that Buzz, so in return, in hopes of to creating a lot of Buzz for Themselves!

Not only that, I wouldn't doubt for one minute, if the truth every comes out, that this may also be about Apple's competitors trying also to Crush Apple's hip image and Buzz simply out of desperation.

D. Williams

FYT said...


I am 100% confident you have the correct answers. I have made the assertion many times on this blog that competitors are behind the majority of the bad press.

I also attribute this kind of thing and MOST people who claim viruses and worms on Mac OS X are just attention seekers.