Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Eminem: The Real Shady


The publisher for rap musician, Eminem has filed a very non sequitur lawsuit against Apple for unauthorized music sales through the iTunes Music Store.

Detroit News Reports Eminem's Publisher Sues Apple

The complaint questions the right of record labels to sell musician's music digitally as well as on CD.

A "burning issue" in the music industry today is whether the rights record labels hold to sell a recording artist's CDs include the rights to authorize music downloads, or whether further permission is needed from the music publishers who hold the copyrights to the lyrics and sheet music.

A breakdown:

* Apple sells iTunes songs for 99 cents
* The recording label gets a cut of 70 cents (Eminem's label is Universal).
* Out of that $.70, Universal pays about 9.1 cents to the music publisher.

[From MacRumors] Eminem's music publisher stated that they have never authorized Universal to allow the downloads and have demanded that Apple cease and desist online distribution of their music. Apple has reportedly refused.


I'm scratching my temple on this one. Why is Eminem's publisher suing Apple? Should he be suing Universal? This is the second time Eminem's filed suit ... the first time was settled and Eminem went on to appear in an iTunes commercial.

From FixYourThinking November 2005:

I think Apple is realizing an old saying, "Hang with bad people, and bad things happen when you hang with them."

... It appears Eminem has dropped the lawsuit, but Apple is now being sued for a different reason ... for using Eminem in a copycat ad.

I actually like some of Eminem's music, but I wouldn't promote him with my company as Apple is doing. While many disagree with Bono's politics ... no one would say Bono is a thug and I rarely if ever have heard Bono use questionable explicit lyrics in his songs. Bono also tries to make himself out to be a positive role model for world economic change ... Eminem ... last time I checked wrote a song about how he hated his mother and another about a guy killing his girlfriend and committing suicide!



I am a lover of children's literature said...

I agree with you on this one. Something is very fishy here? This looks like nothing more, nothing less, than sheer greed on the part of this brat called, Eminem and his lawyers.

Why sue just iTunes, how about all of the other downloads sites such as Napster, etc?

This isn't as insane as Apple's stock droping some eight billion dollars today because of a rumor that Apple was going to cut back by 50% on the iPhones production! The rumor was based on a false report coming out of Miller Tabak.

"Miller Tabak analyst Peter Boockvar later told AppleInsider that his firm authored no such note on Apple. Instead, he said, gossip was passed along during a conversation and was subsequently overblown."

I bet my entire bank account, all four dollars of it, that somebody is trying to manipulate Apple's stock for profit. The government should look into it immediately!

In the mean time, I'm holding my breath for Tuesday.... NEW IMACS! Praise the Lord! I review and write for http://www.techgage.com, and, hopefully, I will get my grubby little hands on one for review soon?

Anonymous said...

Why not set up his own label? Then sell his own songs on his own label through iTS?

So many independent artists release material these days on their own labels. Or maybe I am simplifying the whole music industry??

FYT said...

Roget ... artists like Madonna have their own label ... in her case Maverick records. They STILL have to have a distribution partner or outlets like FYE and Walmart won't buy. Maverick is still a part of Warner Bros Music.

If you want a good example of someone who is successful with an independent label but at the same time isn't as successful because radio stations won't play her music and walmart won't carry her CDs because she isn't part of the establishment ... look up Ani DeFranco.

Anonymous said...


The old bricks and mortar music stores are supposedly losing business to internet sales, so if an artist sells their own songs via the web either from their own site or through somewhere like iTunes, then being tied to a distributor would not be necessary.

If places like Walmart don't carry an artist and they lose sales because of their unfair policy that's their fault.

Seems like the old music industry needs throwing in the bin and something more fit for the 21st century should be developed by the artists and not the record companies/distributors?

And I have heard of Ani DiFranco - funnily enough on the radio....